Tuesday, June 03, 2008

God's Will

To us, God's will is always a mystery, and whenever we treat signs of his will as if they were not expressions of mystery, then we are inserting our own ideas into God's plan. Signs of God's will must be received with profound humility and reverence--they must not be claimed as one's own. The Christian is not to indulge in imagination concerning his future; or at least, he is to limit it as much as he can, and take care not to consider such imaginings to be reality. All plans for the future must be seen as conditional on the will of the Lord, which is mysterious.
"To live is Christ"; therefore we do not need particular temporal blessings over others. Christ alone is our life. Christ alone is our joy. All other things are accounted as loss, as rubbish, in comparison with the surpassing good of knowing Christ Jesus as our Lord. Even were he to call us to himself tomorrow by some freak accident or illness, cutting off abruptly all of our earthly hopes (even worthy ones), this is the door to greater communion with Christ--"death is gain."
Clinging to Christ, expecting good things from him (the good things that he wants to give, not that we want to receive), we strive onwards and upwards in this life and beyond, deeper and deeper into the bosom of the Father from which Christ comes.

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