Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christ Mass - God is Love

Is it not exceedingly fitting that the hope of the all the world came with the birth of a child? For the birth of every child surely gives an unarticulatable hope to every parent, an experience that most often transcends any strictly rational evaluation of the possibilities inherent in this child's future. This experience surely cannot be fully comprehended except as love, which hopes all things, and is itself inexaustable.
And so when we really come to know that our God came to us in the Christ Child, it seems intensely fitting to us. And yet, at the same time, we become able to see that this Holy Child, in his divine inexaustability, was from the beginning the Alpha and Omega--the source and sum of the holy gift of every newborn infant; that our hope is the hope of immortality in him; that our love participates in his Love.

Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI signed his first encyclical on Christmas day. It is titled Deus Caritas Est--"God is love." This is a very fitting focus for a Pope's first encyclical, and especially fitting for the people of our time, who's hearts seem to be permanently closed to Christ. If they will not heed sound reason and continued insistence on the truth, perhaps we Christians need to re-orient everything to that central truth that God is Love. The beauty of the Love of God in Jesus Christ speaks for itself, even to the soul most depraved by sin, concupiscience and the spirit of this age.

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